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Established in 1993, Gemdale Smart Service Group is a platform under Gemdale Corporation (“Gemdale” listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange 600383.SH), a service provider for technology-leading, data-driven, integrated Property Management throughout China and beyond. Gemdale Smart Service is one of the first-class services and qualified Chinese property management companies with the National Level 1 qualification, a standing director member of the China Property Management Institute, and Vice president of Guangdong Property Management Institute and of Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Wuhan etc. Leading for over 29 years with the service concept, “Exquisite Quality Service, With Love”, it has adhered to its genuine intension based on the studies of the industry, clients’ pursuit of happiness, and devoted work to become an integrated Property & Asset Management service provider with comprehensive business coverage. Towards the future, Gemdale Smart Service launched the “3+X” strategy, Creating "Three Horizontal and Nine Vertical" service matrix, including Residential Property, Commercial Property and city level service, from community to city, strengthening value-added services to be fully developed to extend to a wider range of services.  

Headquartered and started in Shenzhen, to now, Gemdale Smart Service has projects located in more than 280 first tier and second tier cities in Mainland China, and 8 different cities from the east and west coasts in the U.S., providing the best-in-class services to over 100 public facilities, real estate developers, and large enterprise level HQ. The property management company’s array of services ranges from residential, industrial parks, school campuses, commercial and government buildings etc. Gemdale Smart Service has approximately 380 million square meters (3.4 billion square feet) under on-site management, and another 300 million square meters (2.7 billion square feet) for on-line management via SaaS.

Gemdale Smart Service is renowned for the service quality within the industry. It is a leading company in service quality and has been in the top 100 for property service enterprises in China continually for the last 14 years, and 11th times ranking 1st place for service quality in top 100 in China. Top 10 for property management companies for service scale for 2022. Top 100 property management companies in China. Leading operations service professional property management brand in 2021. Ranking the 2nd  property management brand in China. Top 10 in 2022 Top 500 property management companies. “Shenzhen Top brand” in the first international brand week in Shenzhen. Standing member of Property Management (Industry Park) Association. Standing member of Property Management (University Campus) association, Standing member of Property Management (Hospital) association.

Three Horizontal: All essential property services covered

In the “3+X” business strategic of Gemdale Smart Service, “Three Horizontal” is the foundation of business development, referring to residential, commercial and city services, from community to city, to become an integrated Property & Asset Management service provider with full business coverage.

Residential Services - Quality as foundation, leading customer satisfaction

Quality is the foundation and lifeline of Gemdale Smart Service. While facing the complicated market environment, we are insisting on "Growth with Quality", all employees continue to implement the concept of "Quality is the foundation", held a spirit of craftsmanship, and strive to practice the service concept of, "Exquisite Quality Service, With Love” in line with the development of market scale. Providing customers with the best-in-class service 7*24*365 through the on-line "ENJOY" App + on-site "Butler" service model. Oriented by customers' needs, Gemdale Smart Service has been cultivating the service and demand characteristics of specific fields and creating several high-quality service brands. Including three brand service management systems, including Ruolin Hui, Zhixiang Hui and Luxgems, to build a high-quality, systematic and multi-dimensional development structure. The four-level project quality supervision model of Project, District, City and Headquarters is combined with internal and external inspection, and the customer satisfaction survey results of every year have continued to lead. Customer trust is an insurmountable moat that is difficult for other companies to overcome in a short time.

Commercial Services – Many property types covered, grow rapidly

In addition to residential services, Gemdale Smart Services also has developed the commercial service brand – Gemdale Commercial Service and working together with international professional organizations such as Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency ("HKQAA") it has integrated the entire industry chain service standards and procedures of asset management and commercial operation into its platform. Including commercial retail properties, office buildings, industrial and technology parks, public facilities and parks, corporate headquarters and hospitals etc. It has become a great contribution of business growth. Since 2019, Gemdale Smart Service has become the standing member of property management (Industry Park) Association. As well as the standing member of property management (University Campus) Association. With a focus on the service of commercial property (Asset Management), the business development model is mainly asset management, supplemented by intelligent property service and government and enterprise headquarters service. The asset management business covers four major service segments, including planning and consulting, investment operation, intelligent platform services and capital operation, providing a more comprehensive service solution for the management and operation of commercial properties (asset management).

City Service - Strong breakthrough to seize the service market

Gemdale Smart Services continues to extend the breadth of its services, moving from the community to the urban area and devoting itself to smarter, finer and more efficient urban governance. As one of the three main business segments of Gemdale Smart Service, starts from the smallest unit of government management - the property community - and extends comprehensive property services from each individual community to all aspects of the whole city.

In response to the top-level design and overall requirements of the modernization of the national governance system, Gemdale Smart Service proposes the Urban Comprehensive Cooperative Governance model, (aka “UCCG”), which is a "big housekeeper" serving the city as a one-stop-shop and provides a full process of "service + operation + management" for urban public space, public resources and public projects through the in-depth integration of "professional services + smart platform + whole-area governance". The model of a "big housekeeper" is serving the city as a one-stop-shop, through the deep integration of "professional service + intelligent platform + whole-area governance", and the whole process of "service + operation + management" for urban public space, public resources and public projects.

Nine Vertical: Focus on the resources, upgrade the industry

Gemdale Smart Services takes "strengthen value-added service" as the direction of new business incubation. It also starts from the core strengths of property management, adhering to the guiding principle of "accessible resources and obtainable capabilities", focusing on resource utilization, and creating full coverage scenarios around to complete the whole life cycle of assets and families.

As the first value-added business model incubated by Gemdale Smart Service, Gemdale Space Tech, has become a leading service provider of smart community and smart life products, while contributing hundreds of millions of RMB of operating income and tens of millions of RMB of net profit every year. Asset management makes the scale of parking lots and parking spaces larger and sells them quickly. Gemdale Smart Service’s value-added business operation adopts the strategy of core self-management and others outsourcing. In order to create the second growth curve and build a to C home life full service chain platform and to construct an all-scenario service value-added ecosystem. Including: Integrating subdivided life service providers such as housekeeping, elderly care, insurance and home-based services, establishing service supply chains, and constructing a powerful value-added service ecosystem of Gemdale Smart Service. Around the core service scenario of housing it has formed a closed loop of home life service, "Gemdale Home (real estate brokerage) + Gemdale New Home (house remodeling) + Gemdale Home Assistance (house maintenance) + Gemdale Taste (corporate group meal) + Gemdale Business (insurance service)", which is at the forefront of the whole industry in the layout of house ecology.

The "double empowerment" system: the "soil" for strategy implementation

In order to support the implementation of the "Three horizontal and Nine vertical" strategy, Gemdale Smart Service has created a professional "soil" - a "double empowerment" system of technology and management.

Smart technology service, better life

Gemdale Smart Service is firmly invested in digital industry-wide empowerment, and incubated special technology company - Wisdom Technology, which has been certified as a high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission. The company has become a leading service provider with over 100 professionals in the industry. We have developed 39 digital systems and platforms, obtained 25 software certificates, 4 utility model patents, further completed the transformation of comprehensive digital intelligence, created SaaS solutions for the property management industry, and opened and shared them to the whole industry.

Gemdale Smart Service proposes a digital transformation path of industrial internet, utilizing business strategy as the traction, using emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence to build the blueprint of Gemdale Smart Service. Focusing on Smart Property (P), Smart Life (H), Smart Community (C) and Smart City (C), and achieving internal business support, industrial synergy and empowering the industry and development with the P-H-C-C solution capability.

In terms of Smart Property, we set the constructive technology concept of "two management, one improvement and one creation" to help property owners "manage costs, manage income, improve operational efficiency and innovate operation", and comprehensively improve the overall intensive control ability and innovative operation ability of property owners.

In terms of Smart Life, we focus on three major business scenarios: "Resource management", "Household services" and "Asset management", and provide "comprehensive management capabilities based on people/assets" through our digital platform.

In terms of Smart Community, we provide an integrated ecological platform of people, vehicles and things, and the smart community based on IOT technology can realize full connectivity in the community to achieve all-round communication between people and things, people and people, which can effectively improve the efficiency of property management operation and enhance the experience of residents.

In terms of Smart City, the comprehensive use of "Internet + Internet of Things + Big Data" to manage the public facilities outside the wall of the community, to create "Smart sanitation, Smart water, Smart landscaping" platforms etc., upgrading the city life services with high technological elements.

Strengthening Organization - Educating talent and building elite organizations

Since the start of integration of Gemdale Smart Service Group in 2013, HR has always focused on continuously bringing new elements into the system improvement and operation management practices. To promote the implementation of talent strategy, the new three-pillar model of HR based on customer/business which has built the core competitiveness and organizational capability of the company's HR quality. The company's diamond-type composite talent training and growth path map design enables each series of learning programs to interactively train talents in an orderly manner according to the channels. Which expands the system from the company’s talent development to the organization and culture core construction. Also extends specific initiatives in improving organizational performance, enhancing performance levels and empowering talents.

The company has received many external authoritative certifications in human resources development and has won more than 50 awards, including: 2016 Outstanding Enterprise for Talent Development, 2016 Most Popular Enterprise Award for College Students, 2016 Best Employer of the Year Shenzhen TOP10, China HR Management Excellence Award for five consecutive years from 2016 to 2020, 2018 China Talent Management Model Enterprise, "China Talent Development Elite Award" for six consecutive years from 2017 to 2022. Nearly 20 awards for innovative enterprises, excellent units, business tripod awards, digital practice awards, best learning programs, high-quality learning courses, etc., "Best Employer in China Property Management Industry in 2021", etc., elected as one of the first rotating chairmanship of the media collaboration network of the property management industry

In 2014, Gemdale Smart Service first launched the industry's full series of five-tier talent training system - "Long Run Series Program", from graduates to general managers five tiers (beginning, speedy, stable, long run, leading) special training, and launched a large-scale talent hunting and internal selection activities - "Talent Search" which has been held for 10 seasons so far, with over 1,000 people selected and tens of thousands of people applying for the jobs in a nationwide campaign. This has attracted industry buzz and praise; "Search for Gold Medal Students Campus recruitment" has been carried out continuously for 7 years, covering more than one million students, receiving nearly 100,000 resumes, with more than 32,000 people attending the presentation, making nearly 2,500 offers, and more than 1,000 students from "First-class" universities choosing to join Gemdale Smart Service.

In 2022, based on the annual theme of "Convergence, Upgrading", Gemdale Smart Service Group will formulate strategies from the perspective of long-term development, grasp development opportunities, keep forging ahead and continue to increase the share of the market. Also continues to provide the essential services, uphold the spirit of "craftsmanship", and effectively do a good job of standardized essential services, brand building, online and onsite quality to expand the scale, shift gears and speed, to achieve multiplier growth. Using high-technology, integrating resources, providing high-quality products, make full use of intelligent technology means to further strengthen the "Wisdom Ecosystem" construction, and win-win cooperation with the clients, high-quality services, genuine care, to share the best-in-class Gemdale Smart Service with more customers.

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